Sales and Servicing

When you take the next step and purchase your own equipment, we have a wide range of quality scuba equipment available, we're here to help you choose the best equipment for your diving needs. We'll give you expert advice and help you make an informed choice and put together a package to suit your individual diving needs and budget.

Now that you have purchase your diving equipment your going to want to keep it in top working order, as it looks after you while we explore the underwater world we need to look after it and keep it working as it did the day it came out of the box. Our onsite technicians are qualified to service a wide range of Regulators, BCD's and other dive equipment. We are certified to conduct tank inspections and testing as required by law.

With two dive compressors on site we offer the cleanest Air fills and only Enriched air Nitrox fills the Waikato. Offering three standard blends, or a custom blend to suit your diving needs up to a maximum of 40%. (Please note that certification will need to be viewed upon pick up of any nirtox blend)

  • Regulator Servicing $30 per stage plus parts
  • BCD Servicing $55 plus parts
  • Hydro's $50
  • Visual's $35
  • EAN 40% $20
  • EAN 36% $18
  • EAN 32% $15
  • Air Fills $8